Little Annie Motel
Tattoo Parlor
Tattooer Statement

​​I am so lucky to answer the call of tattooing! I've been a tattooer for seven years now and love my profession with all my heart.

I believe that your tattoo should be exactly as you want it, and we work together to get it just perfect.

I am a skilled master at every style of tattoo, including realism, color, portraits, traditional, black work, and fine line. ​​

I appreciate every single one of my clients and thank them for coming back to me after all these years! Whether it be at my shop, Motel Tattoo (Est. 2017), or on the road, or in Italy, no matter where you are or what tattoo you got, you're very dear to me. I wouldn't be able to do this job without you! Sending love to all! ​​