Little Annie Motel
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Artist Statement
Artist Statement 

​​My life and work can be distilled into a few simple concepts: Old Hollywood, Catholicism, Vampires and Elvis. I believe these four elements compliment each other so much in their contrasts that perfect balance is achieved.
I received a BFA from the University of Washington with a focus on Oil Painting, Acting and Art History. I moved to Los Angeles to paint, tattoo, and make films, all outlets I use to create little magic tableaus.
My obsession with the Golden Age of Hollywood, beautiful women, and dramatic portrayals of pain, love and death is a perfect pairing to the imagery and symbolism found in Catholic Art. It is a calling I am blessed to answer. For the past few years I’ve taken European tours to tattoo, study and gain inspiration for my work, most notably the churches in Italy and Romania.
The romanticism and blood lust of the Vampire is what anchors me to my infatuation with this tall dark and handsome figure of power. Royalty with black hair and an irresistible sex appeal, the vampire may as well be Elvis himself. Surely in the shadows lurks Elvis Dracula. Someday we will meet, but in the meantime I will continue to paint to express pain, beauty and longing, sadness and hope, death and eternal faith.